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Why your fasting has failed!! 

Hey everybody, Dion here from M Theory, and I want to talk about the main reason why intermittent fasting fails.


If you've followed me in the past, you know I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting, absolutely love it, been going four years strong. But I wouldn't recommend it for about 70% of my clients.


Number one reason fasting fails is it has to make your life easier, not harder. If it goes against your day, against your work roster, against your family life, it is not sustainable so it should not be followed.


Number two, if you find yourself barely eating, you are not doing intermittent fasting. You are starving yourself. I have an eight-hour window where I have 3,500 calories coming up to 4000. 4000 calories for the new year. If you don't hit your desired calorie intake, you will just lose muscle and in return cause damage to your metabolic rate, meaning your body will get very, very good at storing body fat.


Number three, the final reason intermittent fasting will fail is that we find ourselves breaking our fast without even realising it. I've had clients over the years breaking their fast with pre-workout or milk with their coffee, or just snacking here and there. This will end that fasting period so your body will no longer be in a state where it metabolises fat.


If you would like more information on fasting and how to avoid the above fails just let me know!