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People of Influence!! 

Dion Healey here from M Theory Fitness. Today I want to talk about people of influence and how big an impact they can have on your life!​

We have to understand that the people we surround ourselves with from day to day decide exactly how you feel about yourself as well as so much more. They decide exactly where you are going to be in 12 months time, two years time, five years time. People of influence are incredibly powerful.

One thing I want you guys to do is I want you guys to think about your five closest people of influence. These five people here, they want to be very supportive of your goals. If they push you away from your mission, you will never make that change. If they support you, motivate you and inspire you, then you will be on the best path possible to be exactly where you want to be.

The biggest realisation I had when I did this, was I realised my five top people, they were not a good influence. They were basically into drugs, they were drinking every weekend. They weren't going anywhere with their life. They didn't uphold my values. They didn't push me forward or challenge me. 

The biggest thing that you can do is get your five top people of influence to be better than you. A great metaphor for this is if you're running a race and you're running against some of the best runners in the world, of course, you're not going to win. But you are going to improve your game because you can see clearly how much better they are. That will make you run harder, faster, and push yourself to a whole other level. 

People of influence is incredible.