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Cardio VS Weights which is better!


Hey everybody Dion From M Theory here! And today we tackle the age old question!


Cardio or Weights!?!? 


I have gotten so many comments on this topic..

It's not funny.


"How much cardio should i do?"

"What type of cardio?"

"Do i do cardio before or after weights?"

"What's the best time of day to do cardio?"

"How long should i train cardio?"

"I want to lose fat, do i just do cardio?"...




Weight Training is so much better and here's WHY!


For those that obsess with cardio! You guys are running (Literally)

You guys are running away from the calories you've eaten. Your trying to burn off that pizza, that big night of drinking, that binge weekend. And this my friend is NO WAY TO WIN.


You will never out train your diet.. But my BIGGEST concern is the fact that you now associate exercise with PAIN. Your going to PUNISH yourself for that piece of cake on your sisters birthday.


This is a dysfunctional relationship and we all know that won't LAST!


Exercise MUST be from a place of love! This is why WEIGHTS ARE KING.


#1 It's so much more enjoyable, it's about growing stronger and becoming a better version of YOU.


#2 When you build muscle from weight training your body BUILDS A HIGHER METABOLIC RATE. Meaning you burn more energy at rest. MEANING YOUR BURNING FAT IN YOUR SLEEP!! This PROCESS Allows you to have a heaps better lifestyle as you can grow your vaseline calorie intake and have a higher budget to enjoy your life 


#3 You don't sweat a swimming pool, feel like your going to die, and worry about the guy at the gym having to give you mouth to mouth! 


Hey Dion are you saying you don't train any cardio? Well, almost true. I use cardio to warmup! I ENJOY playing basketball, dodgeball and weirdly enough i enjoy doing short, short, tiny tinny sprints.


Main reason to do cardio IS NOT TO RUN AWAY FROM YOUR WEEKEND but to improve your health, to improve your fitness! 

With Appreciation and Gratitude,

Dion Healey.