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Why I hated the gym!!


I'm not going to lie. Growing up, I hated the gym. I was a very shy, small insecure kid. For me, walking in that door was terrifying. The image that I had created was I didn't belong, that I didn't fit in and that I would be laughed at and judged. That was the image, a fictitious lie, that I imagined before even trying!


You know exactly what I'm talking about because we've all done it before. Before asking that girl or guy out, you imagine them driving a knife through your heart with every insecurity you've ever had. Before asking for that promotion at work, you imagine your boss laughing right in your face.


Before making any change, you imagine the worst. The key word  here is imagine. We create a false reality with worst-case scenarios which holds us in fear. And of course, you're never going to move. Why should you when you expect the worst?

I challenge you to start saying, "What if?" And follow this with a positive. What if I can get in the best shape of my life? What if I can ask them out, and they do like me, and they become the one? What if I can ask the boss, and he's already thinking about giving me the promotion? He just needs a little bit of push.


What if I can?