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How to be the most confident person in the room!!


The secret to being the most confident person in the room is self-love! It is loving yourself!

It is knowing that these people that are obviously in the room with you, they can not change your opinion of yourself! And how do we achieve this? We achieve this by knowing who you are and actually liking and loving who you are as well.

The biggest thing that I realized when going out and socializing is a lot of the time, people feel they have to be fake. They feel they have to put up a front. They feel like they have to lie about what's really going on in their life. This was me before as well. I didn't feel like I could be truthful because I wasn't happy with myself at the time. So I put up this big front.

This year, once we love ourselves, once we don't care about what anyone thinks, that no opinion but your matters, then you are going to find it's so much easier to be the most confident person in the room! Because the most confident person in the room knows exactly who they are and they appreciate that and they love who they are.

This is absolutely massive! Love yourself! Own yourself!