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Why I don't suggest a personal trainer.p

Why I don't suggest you start your journey with a personal trainer!! 

Dion Healey here from M Theory Fitness, and this is why I don’t suggest starting your journey with a personal trainer! This is 100% truth, 100% honesty. I am a personal trainer!  I've been a personal trainer for 10 years now as well. But I do not want you to start your journey with a personal trainer. If you are after weight loss this is not the way of going about it!

I have restructured the whole way we coach our clients because I see more success once we start the journey with nutrition and accountability. Training amazing because the result is muscle building. Which is great because it helps bump the metabolism! Cardio is great as well, you will burn energy and fatl. It will and does help! But the biggest thing that training does, it puts you in a good state of mind! It puts you in a great state of mind to be confident, to feel strong, to be empowered. But also, puts you in a good state of mind to make habit changes. When someone puts the work in here, they are that much more likely to follow through with their nutrition. That's what we love about this approach we take.


The biggest thing I can do for you today, is I can urge you to please start with focusing on habits and nutrition first if you want to lose weight! If you've got 10, 20, 30, 40 plus kilos to lose, that is all habit based. Exercise is not going to be the answer.


The biggest, biggest mistake that I find in the industry is a lot of PTs (I used to do the exact same thing as well) will have a client come in and what they will do is they will train them for half an hour, they will train them for an hour, and then goodbye. They won't talk to them, they won't ask them about their nutrition, they won't ask them about their day-to-day. They won't break and fix habits or make new habits. This is key, this is crucial if you actually want to change someone's life long-term okay. You have to transform their lifestyle!

This has been the biggest game changer with us here at M Theory, just noticing the differences. Once we establish, once we change and shift someone's identity, the person, the client, the motivator can then basically carry this for the rest of their life. We feel confident that they can do this as well, because we trust the person that they've become. This is the person they need to be to have those habits, to have those character traits, to have those results and keep them long-term. It's absolutely massive. Definitely get yourself a mentor before a PT!